How will the support money accumulate?

LHV has been a supporter of Estonian football since 2010, both on the national level and the local league levels, including youth clubs. We are the main sponsor of the Estonian Football Association and the Estonian National Team.

When you order a card, you select the club you want to support. You can choose any club in Estonia—from the Estonian Premier League to lower leagues. List of Estonian football clubs. When choosing your club – just click JK Tallinna Kalev and LHV Bank will pay 10 cents on all of your purchases to the football club.


Order your football card HERE. 


The card also has a number of other various discounts: 

  • Always save at least 10% on all tickets to the home matches of the Estonian national team
  • Free entrance to the home matches of the Estonian youth national teams
  • Save 20% on football equipment at Sportland stores
  • A 50% discount on joining MyFitness: EUR 15 (standard price: EUR 30). The discount comes with a free gift and use of training facilities without a binding contract. When joining online use the code: LHVJalkA2017
  • Save 15% on any service or spare parts at ABC Motors
  • Save 10% on all regularly priced products at Baltman stores.