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2021 and 2022 our trainings are held in following kindergartens:


Mardi Kindergarten (Mardi 5, Tallinn)

Luha Kindergarten (Luha 29, Tallinn)

Kiisa Kindergarten (Kiisa 6, Tallinn)

Suitsupääsupesa Kindergarten (Suitsu põik 4, Tallinn)

Jaan Poska Kindergarten (J. Pärna 2, Tallinn)

Kiisupere Lauteri (Lauteri 1, Tallinn)

Kiisupere Gonsori (Gonsiori 3, Tallinn


Võsukese Kindergarten (Laste 5, Jüri)

Järveküla Kindergarten (Turu tee 23, Järveküla)

With additional questions and/or interest to register, do not hesitate to contact our Project Manager Anneli: anneli@jkkalev.ee, 55901159